About us

Future Energy Skills is a not-for-profit organisation led by the Electrical Trades Union (ETU) and National Electrical Communications Association (NECA) to serve and work in partnership with the electrotechnology, renewable, new energy, and the electricity generation and supply sectors. We do this through collaborating with key stakeholders within industry and the vocational education sector to provide training, assessment, and consultation services.

Future Energy Skills' main location is in the south east of Melbourne, set within modern facilities designed to engage with industry, and purpose built for training and assessment.

Our purpose is to futureproof the energy industry by driving skills development with integrity and a focus on safety for our community.


To be a trusted leader connecting national stakeholders for every person seeking future energy skills.


We will grow by conducting quality assessments, delivering innovative projects and providing professional development for the energy sector through collaboration and leveraging our experience and independence to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our services

Licensing Assessment Centre

Future Energy Skills administers and delivers the following on behalf of the energy regulator, Energy Safe Victoria:

  • Licensed Electrical Assessment (LEA) for electrical apprentices to achieve prior to applying for their A Grade Electrician’s licence.
  • Licensed Electrical Inspection (LEI) Assessment for individuals to achieve prior to applying for their G Class Electrical Inspectors licence.

Industry Engagement

Future Energy Skills acts as a conduit for industry between Government agencies and other key training stakeholders. Future Energy Skills identifies the needs of industry, informs and influences policy developers and funding bodies, and ensures that industry is well informed of the benefits of participation in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) system.

It does this by facilitating an Industry Advisory Group (IAG) that provides industry with a voice to the Victorian Government through the Victorian Skills Authority. The aim of this engagement is to:

  • ensure barriers to providing training to meet industry demand can be identified and overcome
  • enable Government to address current and future skills shortages and workforce training needs, including the training needs of emerging industries
  • promote training pathways that lead to qualifications, jobs, and skill development in the workforce
  • ensure the unique requirements of regional Victoria for quality training and skills are understood and supported.


Future Energy Skills manage profile21, an online workplace performance tracking system for apprentices and trainees in Victoria against required units of competency within qualifications.

Our Directors

Danny Filazzola
State President
Electrical Trades Union

Alex Del Grosso
ETU Director
Electrical Trades Union

Michael Purnell (Chair)
NECA Director
National Electrical Communications Association

John Taufer
General Manager of Careers
NECA Education & Careers

Our Team

Mick Cullen
Executive Officer

Samantha Spice
Corporate Services Manager

Helen Byrne
Senior Administrator

Jessica Liew
Administrative Assistant

Andrew Donnison
Project Manager

Lizzie Carmichael
Project Lead

Sandy Robinson
Project Lead

Tony Watson
Project Lead

Tristan McNaught
Industry Trainer

Andrew Coletti
Industry Trainer

Graham Walton
Industry Trainer

Ronald Heaver
Industry Trainer

Allan McLean

Neil Corcoran

Stewart Jinkins

Alan Lambert

Ian Whyte

Craig Menes

Adam Moore

Leon Zafiris

Matthew Graham

Michael Parry
IT / Profiling & New Development Lead