UEE Training Package – Renewables Update

On 20th December 2022, an updated version of the Electrotechnology training package (UEE) was released. This is the 5th release of the package, with the focus being on the area of renewables. The updated training package includes a range of new Units of Competency and Skill Sets. 

The new Units of Competency and Skill Sets provide the opportunity for individuals to upskill in the area of designing, installing, maintaining and inspecting renewable energy systems. They also go some way to resolving a challenge associated with this area in the past whereby the pre-requisites required for some Units of Competency did not recognise the established skills of licensed electricians.  Companion guides to the revised UEE package have also been released which explore the text within the Units of Competency and provide suggestions about contextualisation when considering training and assessment.  

Future Energy Skills looks forward to exploring these updates and seeing what opportunities may exist for the electrical industry, including further learning and assessment resource development to support training in the renewable space. 

For more information about the updated UEE training package visit training.gov.au