Licensed Electrical Inspector (LEI) update

Future Energy Skills is working towards implementing LEI Assessments within its facility at Clayton.

Licensed Electrical Inspectors (LEIs) are a key part of the electrical services industry – they inspect and certify the safety of prescribed electrical installations. Our industry is seeing an increase in the demand for services due to the rise in solar installations, which has recently accelerated with the introduction of the Victorian Solar Homes program.

Industry bodies project that 150 new inspectors will be required in the next 5 years to meet projected demand. There is likely going to be a shortage of LEIs due to an aging workforce and low new entrants to the industry.

Future Energy Skills is working hard behind the scenes with Energy Safe Victoria to implement LEI Assessments within our facility, with the first LEI sub-committee sitting a few weeks ago, to commence planning. The focus of the meeting was to design an assessment that best reflects current industry practices. We look forward to expanding our service and eagerly await our facility hosting the LEI Assessment later in the year.