Future Energy Skills is an Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) approved assessment centre for the LEA.

To gain an Electrician’s License in Victoria, ESV, the independent electrical safety and technical regulator in Victoria, has indicated that an apprentice electrician must successfully pass a Licenced Electrical Assessment (LEA).

The LEA is a combination of three separate assessments, sat at three different times:

  • Safe Working Practice for Electricians Assessment (SWP) – 40 minutes
    SWP tests your ability to safely disconnect then reconnect a piece of electrical equipment.
  • Licensed Electrician Theory Assessment (LET) – 2 hours 15 minutes
    The theory tests a broad range of knowledge
  • Licensed Electrician Practical Assessment (LEP) – 4 hours
    The LEP is a practical test in four parts: wiring a meter box and switchboard, MEN system testing, identifying visual defects and testing an installation.

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