Workforce Development and Training assessment, projects and research (Fee for Service)

What does workforce development mean to an enterprise, and its workforce? In simple terms, it is the development of strategies for recruiting new employees; retaining existing employees; up-skilling existing employees and; multi-skilling existing employees. The key to developing a successful strategy lies with determining what the enterprise requires its workforce to do, in order to run and grow a successful business.

To assist the electrical industry, the Future Energy Skills has put together a professional team of technical experts who are trained to assist in developing workforce strategies. This team is able to identify the skill level requirements of the enterprise, and work collaboratively with the enterprise and the workforce to develop a competency profile that best fits a work group or individual. The Future Energy Skills team is also qualified to assess the skill level of the workforce, so that informed decisions can be made on the most appropriate way to provide value-added training.

The Future Energy Skills team works to a proven plan that consists of a 5-step process, that includes;

  1. Liaising with the enterprise and its workforce.
  2. Conducting a skills analysis of the enterprise work requirements.
  3. Aligning the work requirements to an agreed set of industry competency standards.
  4. Conducting a skills assessment of the workforce.
  5. Identifying the outcomes of the workforce skills assessment, including current and future training and career pathways. Our team are qualified workplace assessors, hold an A-Class electrical license and have completed training in how to implement competency standards at the workplace.


By developing a skill matrix of the entire workforce, it is possible to target those areas where skills are lacking or require refreshment. Employees are better informed on their own training and career pathway options, which assists them to make decisions on the direction they feel most suited. In many cases, employees can embark on a journey that will see them complete a higher qualification, or skill set, which not only enhances their employability, but is nationally recognised.

Once the enterprise and its workforce has identified the current and future training and career pathway options, a strategic approach to recruiting, retaining and retraining employees can be developed – that takes the guess work out of the decision making.

How to get started:

The best way to start the process is for an authorized enterprise person to contact the Future Energy Skills and arrange for a consultant to discuss the process, at your place of work. This service is free of charge and sets up a plan that is relevant to the needs of the enterprise and its work force.

From there it is a simple 5-step process that allows everyone to evenly participate. Often a consultative committee is set up that represents all stakeholders, and provides advice to and from the enterprise and workforce.

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