New Energy Subsidised Training Course

A new subsidised training course is available for the new energy sector

 The electrotechnology sector now has access to a new subsidised training course that will improve workforce skills in new energy technology.  The Course in New Energy Technology Systems (design and installation) has been developed in response to concerns from industry around the lack of accredited training and workforce skills for the design and installation of new energy technology systems.

The Office of the Victorian Skills Commissioner responded to industry concerns and in April 2017 formed a Sector Advisory Group (SAG) to review current skills and training available, and make recommendations to the Victorian Skills Commissioner for system improvements.

Statistics identified that, nationally, the installation of battery storage systems grew 1300% from 2015 to 2016, from just 500 installations to 6750 in 12 months and these figures are predicted to continue rising at a rapid rate as consumers grapple with rising electricity prices.

The SAG determined that the new energy technology sector is in need of a skilled, stable and confident workforce to safely assess, design and install grid connected new energy generation and energy storage systems across Victoria.  To build this workforce, the industry needs access to relevant and responsive skills training. Responding to this need, the Office of the Victorian Skills Commissioner funded the development of the Course in New Energy Technology Systems (design and installation) (22453VIC).

The course is intended for electrical tradespersons, technicians, engineers and those wishing to operate as accredited service providers for the design and installation of grid-connected new energy generating and storage systems.  The course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to determine a client’s energy needs, to safely undertake a site assessment, and to design or install a grid-connected new energy generating systems.

The VRQA accredited the course on the 31 August 2017 and it is now available on the National Training Register and the Victorian Funded Course List.