Future Energy Skills is undertaking the New Energy Technology Systems (NETS) project in conjunction with key industry stakeholders and training providers.

The project arose from industry concern of the training sector’s capacity and capability to deliver on the upcoming consumer demand for solar battery installations.

Since over two million homes now have solar panels installed, many of these households will be considering battery storage solutions to become independent and take control of their energy usage.  Industry intelligence and experience by the group predict that battery storage will undergo an even greater trajectory in uptake than solar installations across the country.

The training sector is unprepared for this upcoming demand with a serious shortage of skilled trade teachers to deliver training and immature training delivery experience and resources to provide the marketplace with quality and effective solar battery installation services.

The industry and training consortia will work together to fill the identified gaps and provide consumers with qualified and accredited battery designers and installers.  It will do this by using the newly accredited Course in New Energy Technology and:

  • Develop new interactive video-based resources and a blended learning approach for students
  • Develop new resources, including an educator professional development platform and program for teachers
  • Pilot, evaluate and modify the new resources and the new delivery methodology with 120 electricians and 10 teachers across Victoria
  • Develop a platform for alumni for ongoing learning and industry updates post course
  • Add a new unit to the course – Stand-Alone Battery Design and Install

To tie it all together, Future Energy Skills will manage an awareness campaign to inform consumers about the importance of seeking out accredited tradespeople for the safe installation of their batteries.

Future Energy Skills is working with experienced learning resource developer, VLearning to provide best practice visual learning, the teacher development program and social learning framework post the course.  Furthermore, it has engaged experts in social impact and evaluation work, Ellis Jones Consulting to drive the consumer and industry awareness campaign and independent evaluation.

Success of the project will see:

  • A sufficiently trained and competent workforce to safely assess, design and install new energy technology systems
  • Increased demand for battery installations with these consumers seeking out and engaging qualified and accredited tradespeople
  • Safe, effective installation of household solar batteries, reducing the risks of injury and fire
  • A capable and prepared training and TAFE system enabling it to deliver high-quality responsive skills training for the upcoming demand 2020 and beyond
  • A community that feels confident and comfortable with the battery installation industry to support the foreseen growth

Please contact us for any queries about the pilot program on:
1300 110 079