Lithium – Supercharge Challenge Winners

The Supercharge Australia Innovation Challenge, in its inaugural year, was designed to drive local lithium battery innovation and was a partnership between EnergyLab and New Energy Nexus backed by Boundless. 

There were 11 finalists, with Renewable Metals recently announced as the winner. Renewable Metals are a Perth based company who have developed a unique process to recover more than 95% of materials in a lithium battery. This includes lithium, nickel, cobalt, copper, manganese and graphite. Other recycling systems use acids, while their system is alkali-based with minimal chemical by-products. Another great feature is that 65% less emissions are produced than if the minerals were mined. 

Second place was taken out by Sicona, a Sydney company who develops next generation battery materials tech used in the anodes of lithium-ion batteries for electric mobility and storage of renewables. 

Third place went to Roev, a Brisbane based company that we have mentioned in previous editions who are electrifying Toyota Hilux and Ford Rangers. 

To read more about the challenge visit EnergyLab