Is time running out?

When completing an apprenticeship, both the employer and the apprentice sign a training contract. This contract allows an apprentice to work legally under the supervision of a licensed electrician.  

By signing the training contract, the apprentice is allocated a period of time to learn both on and off the job (at trade school), and to complete their profiling.  

Upon completion of most of the apprentice’s on and off the job requirements, the Trade School will deem them competent to commence the assessments to become an A Grade licensed electrician. An apprentice is allocated three months to complete their assessments from the date they have been signed off or, received confirmation of completing their apprenticeship. If after the three months the licensed assessment has not been completed, the apprentice/unlicensed electrical worker, will need to have successfully completed the Safe Working Practice (SWP) assessment and then make an application to Energy Safe Victoria for a Supervised Worker’s Licence to continue working on electrical installations.  

This licence is only valid for three years and cannot be renewed.  If all requirements of the LEA are not completed within the 3-year timeframe, individuals will need to discuss their case with Energy Safe Victoria. 

While this is the ideal route, life does get in the way of this well mapped out journey, and some apprentices at the end of the training contract period still need to complete some of the aspects detailed above. Extensions to the training contract are available, and require working with the trade school, the employer, and the Australian Apprentice Support Network provider. Extensions will vary depending on the requirements yet to be completed, but often a little more time will be beneficial to ensure successful completion. 

Energy Safe Victoria has a page on their website that clearly explains everybody’s responsibilities and what do to stay safe and to avoid prosecution. 

It is important that apprentices and employers know and understand their obligations under the law.  

It is recommended that all apprentices and employers read the information available on the Energy Safe Victoria website to ensure they are familiar with these obligations.