Green Generator

A company in Victoria has recently commenced manufacturing mobile green hydrogen generators, the H2PowerBox. This type of set up is designed for off grid purposes, where green quiet solutions are desired or where power outages can be disruptive and unreliable. This system would also offer a reliable alternative for disaster relief purposes. 

The group behind this project is the Clayton Hydrogen Technology Cluster (Clayton H2) supported by the State government. In delivering the project, Clayton H2 has worked with private organisations who will manufacture the H2PowerBox in Melbourne. 

The H2PowerBox is a towable device with extendable solar panels to ensure fully green hydrogen creation – the nirvana of hydrogen power generation.  Solar energy during the day powers the electrolysis process, splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen is stored in an innovative smart cell system and directed to the fuel cell when the sun goes down or when power is required, facilitating clean quiet power. 

For more information visit H2PowerBox website.