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Since its inception, Futuretech has delivered training with the overall aim of producing skilled and confident electrical workers.

As a collaborative venture between Holmesglen and Electrical Trades Union (Victoria branch), Futuretech’s courses, which range from pre-vocational, apprenticeship and post trade electrotechnology qualifications, have been developed to deepen the skills and knowledge of electrical workers at an important part of their career.

With emerging technologies ensuring our industry continues to evolve, the North Melbourne based training provider is supporting and re-training workers to ensure the industry maintains a current base of skilled professionals. Through the use of specialist case managers, Futuretech has also ensured a wide range of support that extends beyond just the classroom or workshop.

“I work with electrical workers that are not always feeling very good about themselves. I love to assist workers to identify their strengths and then help them to formulate a plan to move forward. It is fulfilling to see tradespeople leaving and feeling more positive than they were when they arrived,” Futuretech Case Manager Pam McCaughey explains.

From providing help looking for work to preparing a résumé, or looking for a new training pathway, Futuretech takes on a larger education role. The provider runs the New Horizons Back to Work program, which assists unemployed workers to find new job openings.

“As a social worker, I have developed a strength-based, solution focus practice where I assist clients to identify where their strengths lie and how we can best apply these strengths to a career pathway.”

“The Vocational Assessment is one of the tools I use that matches a worker’s skills and interests with a career path. For those that want to remain electricians, we look at the new skills that would be beneficial with career advancement. At Futuretech, we are lucky enough to have not only first class training, but an industry liaison worker who has established networks within this industry,” Pam says.

This support network has helped A Grade electricians, who have been out of work for numerous months, move into new employment following extensive job-search activities conducted by a case manager.

Additionally, Futuretech has offered a pathway for workers through building and maintaining industry partnerships. The training provider’s working relationship with group training companies serves as a fitting example. Upon the opening of Futuretech, group training companies encouraged by the new teaching opportunities, transferred their city based apprentices to the North Melbourne campus. Today, up to 45 apprentices are attending the campus, using the successful training model already in place at Holmesglen’s Moorabbin campus.

Broadly, an emphasis on skilled workers is reflected in an electrical industry that is seeing increased opportunities for those with a qualification. Initiatives like the NBN have helped create more job openings, while the State Government has shown a commitment to the field when investing in projects like the aforementioned Back to Work. Futuretech continues to embrace these initiatives to provide a unique service to the industry.

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Futuretech is collaborative venture between the ETU Victoria and Holmesglen Institute.