Future Energy Skills Training Day

Future Energy Skills team recently took time out to reflect on our professional and personal practices. A full day was dedicated to this with the team moving off site to remove distractions so we could focus fully. Paul Farina facilitated the day and his engaging, honest approach, ensured that the day was challenging yet fun. 

The day began with understanding and exploring the biology of communications and explored the flight or fight response and how this impacts connection. This led to a better comprehension of open communication and the value of it in a supportive professional organisation. 

How we work, engage and how we can improve were points of discussion. Understanding that collaboration strategies for internal and external stakeholders should be front of mind and Paul challenged each Team member to address how we communicate and collaborate. 

Finally, Paul implored us to adapt our mindset by adopting humility, audacity and tenacity in our everyday life, which can bring about extraordinary change for those around us and ourselves.  

The general comments around the day were positive. The opportunity to come together and focus on our own work practises, ensured that we all went away thinking about how we can do what we do better.