FES Industry Awards Night

At Future Energy Skills we are proud of each and every candidate that comes through our doors acknowledging and respecting the challenge candidates face, in becoming a licensed A Grade electrician. To mark this achievement, we held our first Industry Awards Night. With approximately 40 people in attendance, we recognised all graduates, with special mention for outstanding achievement. 

Alan Lambert, LEA assessor, was MC for the evening with Mick Cullen, the Executive Officer of Future Energy Skills, assisting with FES Board members also in attendance. Speaker Jesse Collins, Energy Safe Victoria, expressed the importance of staying safe in this industry and “never working live”. Alex Newman from Centre for U welcomed the graduates to the industry and discussed career development.  

The event also allowed us to celebrate some outstanding achievements of those who, during their Licenced Electrician Theory (LET) or Practical (LEP) assessments, achieved a result of 100 per cent. The recipients; Darcy Pittock and George Fairlie both received 100% in their LEP, taking home an Eaton / Kyoritsu Electrical Contractor’s Kit. 

  • Jake Logiodice and Reggie Perea, received the FES Commitment Award – co sponsored by AWM Cheltenham. This award is for those candidates who against the odds and through their own focus and commitment completed their assessments.  
  • Daniel McCreery was a worthy recipient of the Protect Endeavour Award. This award acknowledges the additional challenges, barriers or set-backs candidates face on their journey to become an A-Grade electrician. This is a quarterly award, with a final winner announced at the end of the year. 

The evening concluded with door prizes with many graduates walking away with either a Fluke meter (valued at over $600), training vouchers for an installation testing workshop, a Werner Industrial ladder and a BCF voucher, not to mention each of them receiving a “goodie” bag. 

We would like to thank the graduates and guests for attending.  Energy Safe Victoria, the ETU, NECA, Eaton, NHP, Protect, Middy’s, for helping in putting the night on, with particular mention to Fluke, AWM Cheltenham and RepeLEC for providing numerous door prizes. 

We look forward to our next event in September.