FES Assessments Update: A Challenging August

Along with the rest of Victoria we have been navigating, firstly a Metropolitan Covid-19 lock down and then an extension to include all regional areas of the state.

Assessments have been postponed at all our venues, except for the one-on-one type, SWP/REL assessments. For these assessments we have the technology at our disposal to ensure that our Assessors and the Candidates are suitably isolated from each other, giving us an environment that we can control.

With the nature of assessment centres being that candidates attend from all over Victoria, mitigating the risk of community transmission far outweighs the short-term interruption caused to the Electrotechnology industry.

We appreciate the overwhelming support and understanding from industry groups and stake holders, and when we can, we will be doing everything possible to clear the backlog of candidates and help send the next generation of electrical workers on their way to fulfill their goals and objectives.

On a lighter note, we have had some very good results over the last month or so and from the month of May, we have had four LET, and three LEP Candidates all achieving a mark of 100%. These outstanding Candidates receive a fantastic Kyoritsu meter pack each generously sponsored by our industry partners Eaton.