LEA Update

It has been a busy start for the LEA team, continuing to support all RTO’s Training  and LEA/LEI candidates.

Future Energy Skills – Tutorial session in progress

We undertook a project earlier last year to renoavte the Mobile Assessment Centre (caravan). The décor was old, and we felt the need to make the Centre more comfortable for our LEP regional candidates. After a month, the team had a lighter, brighter and more efficient interior and exterior of the Van, with a change of name to the Regional Assessment Service. The new look and the new name have both been well received by staff and candidates alike, from South West TAFE, Bendigo TAFE and the Mildura campus of SuniTAFE.

The LEA staff are continuing to work on our processes to ensure that we not only maintain the integrity of the assessments, but also provide support to each candidate where required. We are working on the experience being as positive as it can be no matter the candidate’s outcome.. In addition, there has been a greater involvement with RTOs (Registered Training Organisations) ensuring that there are clear and consistent lines of communication regarding the LEA processes and requirements, providing support not only to the RTO but also their apprentice cohort.

Another exciting development is our collaboration with ESV (Energy Safe Victoria) to transition the LEI (Licensed Electrical Inspector) G-Class assessments  to FES, this process commenced last year and we are aiming to be completed by July 2020..

On behalf of all the LEA/LEI team at FES, we look forward to forging our relationship with all sectors of the Electrical Industry, especially our Training providers and candidates