Economic Equity for Victorian Women

Leading on from an inquiry into economic equity for Victorian women, the Victorian Government is developing strategies to increase participation of women in traditionally male dominated sectors. The government is seeking feedback and input to inform these strategies.  

A discussion paper has been created with an online survey available which seeks feedback for industry via a series of questions. 

Victoria, like the rest of Australia, has highly gender segregated workforces. This then further perpetuates the gender pay gap, as majority-male industries tend to be higher paid than majority-women industries such as the care economy.  

Stereotypes about “male” and “female” jobs, influence from a young age, and suggestions about how this could be improved are welcomed through this feedback process.  

Visit Engage Vic, download the discussion paper and complete the online survey to get involved.  All Victorians, regardless of gender and barriers that this may create, should be afforded the opportunity to fulfill their potential.   

We encourage members of the industry to participate in this feedback process in order to identify and help to address any barriers to participation. 

Feedback opportunity closes 5pm Thursday 30th November visit Engage Vic to participate.