EATON’S Apprentice Excellence Award

EATON’s support of Future Energy Skills has continued through many years, and again we are appreciative of the recent commitment to another term.

EATON again is significantly contributing to the apprentices at Future Energy Skills through provision of testing instruments used extensively through the Licensing Centre.

Ensuring our electrical apprentices, the electricians of the future , are well prepared to carry out their essential work safely is core to our business and through EATON’s continued support we can prepare and assess apprentices each year with the most current technology in testing equipment. The apprentices are appreciative of using modern equipment, it makes learning, assessment and mandatory testing much easier and relevant to industry practice.

Through EATON’s support we can reward good work and study ethic with the Apprentice Excellence Award, awarded to candidates who achieve 100% in their LET Theory and/or LEP Practical assessments; each recipient is presented with a Kyoritsu tester. Since initiating this award, EATON have been fortunate enough to reward 2 apprentices in the last 2 months, with a Kyoritsu Digital RCD (ELCB) Tester.

Photo credits: FES candidate Nicholas Morcombe with his new Kyoritsu RCD Tester for achieving a 100% LET (Licensed Electrical Theory) result