Coronavirus Update

As communities continue to respond to COVID-19 (coronavirus), we know that these uncertain times present unique challenges to us all. Please know that Future Energy Skills is here to support you and our apprentices during this time.

Due to Stage 4 restrictions, Future Energy Skills operations will be partially closed from 8th August until the 13th September. We have continued to operate for 3 months under COVID 19 Plan, but now we feel obligated to suspend most LEA/LEI assessment whilst Victoria’s COVID 19 numbers are high, and areas of infection unfortunately become wider.

We will continue to deliver the Safe Working Practice (SWP) assessment only, allowing apprentices to continue work at end of their apprenticeship through obtaining their Supervised Worker’s (L) licence, a temporary measure until LET and LEP assessments are completed. With SWP the use of camera’s and strict hygiene measures ensure infection risk is minimised.

Since COVID 19 inception, our apprentices have been amazing in their efforts to work together, look after each other whilst remaining focused on their LEA assessment, we are confident that this will continue upon re opening.

Please be assured Future Energy Skills staff are committed for the workload involved in getting the Metro and Regional work forces through their assessments ASAP upon re opening. Mid-September is remaining our aim for commencing Regional and LEI services.

Open and Safe-Limited Operations

We are advising all candidates, staff, training partners and stakeholders that Future Energy Skills is open but will continue to deliver the Safe Working Practice (SWP) assessment only. The SWP has been reconfigured for distancing to better protect candidates and staff. Staff directly involved with SWP will be at the centre, whilst the remainder of our team is working from home.

To better protect the health and well being of all, we have implemented the following measures:

  • All staff and candidates will be wearing face masks as per DHHS’s guidelines
  • All candidates will have their temperature checked via thermal camera at reception upon arrival,
  • All candidates will need to confirm they have not been in any close contact with active COVID-19 cases,
  • The DHHS’s physical distancing guidelines will always be observed within our facilities,
  • COVID-19 related control measures will be outlined to candidates at the beginning of SWP,
  • Hand sanitiser will be available upon entry to SWP assessment area,
  • Washing of hands will be encouraged during breaks,
  • Candidates and staff must wear face masks (P2 preferably),
  • Daily disinfectant cleaning of all our facilities, including all SWP assessment equipment after each use,
  • Signs and posters about hygiene and distancing are placed around the centre,
  • The implementation of camera’s through our centre to better enable distancing whilst invigilating assessment
  • Our team are working to a COVID-19 Plan,

By implementing these measures, we will be able to continue to deliver SWP assessment and training in a safe and hygienic environment.

Should Future Energy Skills be required to change any LEA/LEI bookings due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will honour all payments and liaise with you directly to reschedule bookings with minimal impact.

To learn more contact us today, our admin team can be contacted on (03) 9654 1299