At Future Energy Skills, we know that exposure to focused tuition, practice (and more practice!) in comfortable simulated environments, and performing the skills regularly on the job, is the best way to prepare for undertaking SWP, LET and LEP assessments. Our training compliments the candidates Certificate III knowledge base, utilising a simulated purpose-built LEA training facility, focusing on applicable Australian Standards. Refining a candidate’s knowledge and skills ensures individual are well prepared before undertaking their assessments. 

We take great pride in the achievements of all candidates who come through our doors. With the support of EATON, we are able to recognise the accomplishment of those who achieve 100% in their LET or LEP assessment. Recently, Rebekah Tomlinson achieved 100% in her LET assessment and was not far from this benchmark in the LEP. 

Having had exposure to elements of our great industry through a previous job, and a brother that is an electrician, Rebekah recognised the many opportunities offered by becoming an electrician as well as the financial security a job in the industry can provide.  Rebekah’s apprenticeship provided a good grounding in the skills and knowledge required to pass her assessments and stated that she was “really glad that I came to FES for the refresher training” prior to undertaking her assessments. This training provided Rebekah the chance to refine her practical understanding and gain confidence to perform as well as she did in her assessments. 

Well done Rebekah on your performance. Both Future Energy Skills and Eaton were pleased as punch to present you with a Kyoritsu Electrical Contractor Kit that will be a great addition to your electrical tool kit.  

Upon receiving the award, Rebekah said that she looks forward to continuing her electrical journey with her current employer, and we are definitely excited to see where her career takes her.