Celebrating a Hat Trick

In 2022, FES had two candidates come through our doors that achieved 100% in all three Licensed Electrical Assessment; Mark Szeligiewicz from GOTAFE Wangaratta and Robert Biadacz from South West TAFE.  Kudos to these two candidates for these excellent results! 

In this edition, we are going to focus on Mark. As a mature age apprentice, Mark took on his second trade and is now dual licensed and qualified as both a Fridgey and a Sparkie.  

Mark completed his apprenticeship with JCS Industries, a local Wangaratta contracting business who have been in operation since November 2010. This is a family affair, with John, the Manager having a close relationship to Mark – his big brother. 

I had the pleasure of catching up with both John and Mark at a great local Wangaratta eating establishment, Paulie’s Corner Café, which we will get back to at the end of the article. 

It was a celebration of success, with Mark being the star of the day having completed not only the hat trick of 100% for his SWP, LET and LEP, and gaining his A Grade Licence, but also recently becoming a new Dad. 

We can be equally as proud of his boss and brother John, who successfully completed all requirements of his G-Class Electrical Inspectors Licence, and also welcomed a new edition to his family late last year. 

We enjoyed a great meal, discussed exciting renewable projects that JCS Industries are involved in within the region, and life in general for the brothers. FES celebrates their achievements and, along with our proud sponsors Eaton, awarded Mark with the Kyoritsu Electrical Contractor Kit.  

Getting back to Paulie’s Corner Café, not only would I highly rate this establishment for great food, coffee, and ambience, but it is owned by another Szeligiewicz sibling, Paulie who also has their younger sister, Mon working with him. 

Thanks to all the Szeligiewicz family for their hospitality, and congratulations once again to Mark for his outstanding achievement. 

Mick Cullen, EO of Future Energy Skills