Apprenticeship Incentive Review

The Australian Government is currently undertaking a review of the Australian Apprenticeship Incentive System (Incentive System). Financial support for apprentices and employers, combined with a range of other non-financial services and support, forms the basis of the Incentive System. This strategic review will look at numerous items associated with this. 

The effectiveness of the Incentive System in encouraging the uptake of apprenticeships as well as supporting completions will be reviewed, will the current cost of living pressures and how this is impacting take up.  

The review will also look at the support provided by the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network, workplace conditions and the role that employers play in the quality of the overall apprenticeship system.  

Training will also be considered, particularly in facilitating training environments for underrepresented cohorts such as First Nations people and women. 

To read more about this review, please visit the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations website. Written submission on matters raised in the Terms of Reference of the review can be submitted up to Wednesday 15th May.