An Industry Engagement Framework

Future Energy Skills is contracted as an agent of the Office of the Victorian Skills Commissioner (OVSC) to deliver on the new Industry Engagement Framework (the Framework) for the Electro-technology, Electricity Generation and Supply, Gas Supply and New Energy Technology sectors.

The Victorian Government launched the Framework on the 10 August 2016; this framework will provide a structured way for industry, unions and employers to inform and engage with the training system in Victoria. The Framework will:

  • gather skills and training needs information across the breadth of Victorian industries via ten Industry Advisory Groups (IAGs)
  • capture regional industry skills and training needs information via Regional Taskforces
  • bring together time-limited and focused Industry Taskforces to examine specific training and system issues

By providing a stronger and more effective industry voice and by accessing the best possible insight into industry needs, the new arrangements will:

  • ensure barriers to providing training to meet industry demand can be identified and overcome
  • enable Government to address current and future skill shortages and workforce training needs, including the training needs of emerging industries
  • promote training pathways that lead to qualifications, jobs and skill development in the workforce
  • ensure the unique requirements of regional Victorian for quality training and skills are understood and supported

As an agent of the OVSC, Future Energy Skills is looking forward to continuing to engage, and work with industry, unions and employers to provide the Victorian Government with valuable insight regarding the future skill requirements, and training needs of industry.

If you would like more information about the new Industry Engagement Framework please contact the Oana Cochrane, Project Manager on 0404 165 412 or visit the OVSC website